We offer a unique and bespoke service to each and every one of our clients. Our aim is to provide a smart & stylish DJ Services with pro equipment and a friendly, modern & reliable attitude. We can help you to choose the right package and personalize it according to your plans & expectations and also to suit your budget.
Events We Cater
MWD is a Pro DJ Service provider based in chennai that has the experience, knowledge, equipment, and professional team to execute your vision no matter what type of event or special occasion you are planning.

Sangeet Ceremony
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Wedding Receptions
Post Wedding Gettogethers
Services We Offer
There is a one special day in your life when you want everything just about perfect. Our primary goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and a flawless execution of your vision, even with our smallest package and with no additional cost to you.
Live Instrumentals
Pro DJ / VDJ Setup
Sing Along - Video Karaoke
Live webcasting
These additional services will definitely make a huge difference in terms of entertainment.

Pro Emcee
Pro Singers
Pro Dancers
Live Dhol / Dholak
Tatoo Artists
Our Base packages comes with these optional addons which can be selected to enrich the experience of the party.

Projector & Screen
LED Wall
Wooden Dance Floor
Lighted Acrylic Dance Floor
LED uplighting
Music and Video editing
Why Choose us ?
We Match the DJ to You!

More than any other feature, our unique boutique-style service that allows us to match the DJ to your needs sets us apart from every other DJ service.

With multiple DJs to choose from, we are able to let your needs and requests guide us in selecting the right DJ for you. Not every DJ is right for every couple; some specialize in Club Music, others Bollywood or Regional(Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam), and still more are generalists. Some are highly interactive while others are low-key. With My Wedding DJ you are matched with the DJ who is right for you.

How does this differ from other DJs?

A single operator DJ will do their best to convince you that they are the perfect DJ for you and your wedding...and for every other wedding, too. Regardless of how well-suited they really are to your music choices and the specific needs of your event, they will assure you they can handle the job. But did you (or would you) buy your wedding dress from a bridal shop that had only one style and size from which to choose? You should not select a DJ from a service that has only one DJ to offer either. We care about you and your wedding, and we guarantee we will be able to provide the right DJ, not just a DJ who says he is the right one.

We Listen to You!

Our attention to detail and customer service is unmatched!

We want to know your vision. Tell us what music you want. Tell us how you would like your reception to feel. What is the energy like, the atmosphere, the flow of events? We want to know! We want to know exactly what will make your wedding perfect and we will work together to address every detail including the correct song selections (likes and dis-likes), announcements, and all the other formalities.

Not Sure Exactly What You Want? We Can Help There, Too!

If you are not sure exactly what your vision for your reception is, we would love to help you find it. We will offer you suggestions and ideas while carefully listening to what interests you the most. We will work together to create a reception that is perfect for you.

We Have the Music You Want and Will Play Your Requests!

Our music library is now over 100,000 songs!

We have the music you want and our focus is on you and your must-play and "do not play" requests - they always come first. With My Wedding DJ, you are always in charge and we listen to you. Then with your direction, we are happy to include songs to encourage all your friends and guests to dance. And of course, we are always pleased to take requests at any time. From your friends and bridal party to your grandparents, our wide variety of music will keep everyone happy!

We dont just play music!

We create the atmosphere of your event by injecting energy when needed and carefully guiding the flow of the formalities. With our award-winning and trendsetting DJ talent, you can be assured that we will keep your event energized with great music and polished professionalism. So whether you would like a laid-back presence or interactive dances, classics songs or modern hits, a carefully laid out playlist of your requests, or a "read the crowd and go with the flow" format, we got you covered with our ability and talent.

My Wedding DJ has the Best DJs ! Fun, Professional and Better Trained !

We are creative and adapt our style to your crowd or the type of entertainment you want at your affair.

Every event is unique and completely personalized from the first beat to the last song. We are not intrusive or obnoxious on the microphone and we do not talk between every song. We believe in tasteful audience participation and we will not overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter. It is your celebration and we will never take the spotlight from you.

We are available to you throughout your entire planning process.

In addition to having access to our full-time office support team, we will provide you with our email address and even our Facebook if you have a question, we will be easily accessible anytime.

In Case of Emergencies, We Have a Back Up DJ and Not Just Some Spare Equipment.

We do not overbook our calendars.

Nor do we over-extend ourselves with commitments that we can not handle. As a client, you can be assured to speak directly with the DJ before your wedding. No runaround, no surprises. We give you the personalized attention needed to ensure your event will be a success. Back up equipment wont help if the DJ is sick, has an emergency, or is involved in an accident.We always have an "on-call" DJ standing by, ready to leap into action in the event of an emergency; which is why other wedding planners and event managers frantically call on us when their DJs dont show up.

Your Wedding Entertainment Will Be Personalized, not Just Customized and never Pre-Packaged.

We believe your wedding entertainment should be personalized and not cookie-cutter.

We will work one on one with you to develop a personalized and unique entertainment approach that reflects your tastes, ideas, and vision. Beyond the typical DJ packages.We offer enhancements such as a video montage, monogram lighting (projecting your name or initials on the dance floor or wall), color up-lighting to coordinate with your wedding colors, and even live musicians. We will work directly with you to create the entertainment package of your dreams and in line with your budget.

The Music Will Sound Great! We Use Only Professional DJ Equipment

We use only the best professional sound and lighting equipment available.

In an era where DJs try to save a few dollars by using their personal laptop and an inexpensive set of speakers, our DJs use professional systems that ensure a computer glitch or crashing hard drive wont ruin your wedding.

You wedding will be dramatic and distinctive with our up-lighting.

We offer a variety of LED up-lighting options to spectacularly enhance your reception venue.

From Up-lighting and Room Contouring, to Monogram Lights and Cake Table High Lighting, our effect lighting is unmatched. We provide sophisticated computer controlled LED lighting that can be artfully synchronized with the colors of your wedding. we offer our clients a wide range of lighting options that are simply...WOW!